Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog post #6 Xin Yu's biodata

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences with concentration in Biomedical Science from National University of Singapore. With strong interest in drug research, I aspire to become a drug researcher in the near future, embracing the ambition of discovery of cures for the incurable diseases.

I am also passionate about travelling and backpacking, and have been to regional places like Taiwan, Indonesia and others in hope of discovering of cultures and lifestyles different from that of the Singaporean urban lifestyle. I am also embarking on a Summer programme to Australia to experience life as an exchange student, out of my usual comfort zone. Travelling not only broadens my horizons, it also motivates me to develop a willingness to embrace differences in people and cultures, and be passionate about life.

Volunteering also nurtures my passion for life. I volunteer in my free time, caring for the people I believe are underprivileged in society. As a member of the NUS community service club, I am able to make friends who have a slight disability in their intellect and some the elderly. My volunteering experience has enhanced by EQ such that I am a more sensitive and tolerant person.

I also enjoy music and play the Chinese instrument, Pipa from my Secondary School and Junior College days


mongshi-ES2007S said...

Dear Xinyu

I like your biodata, I feel that it is very well organized and easy to read.

After knowing that you are passionate about traveling and backpacking, it let me feel that you are a fun-loving and adventurous person. It is a good thing that you are going for your summer programme in Australia as it shows that you are someone who is independent and daring enough to step out of your comfort zone.

However, I think that you can add in some work experience, past achievements, activities or CCA to highlight that you are an all-rounded person. Maybe you can add in anything leadership positions you have taken in your CCA or any skills you have learnt through your work experience.

Good Luck for your summer programme! Have fun!

Jean Tan said...

Your biodata is well organized and clear. I can capture your ideas just by reading once.

After reading your biodata allows the readers to know you more. However you can add in your CCA and/or working experience to make it more complete.

You definitely have an enriching life with traveling and volunteering surrounded you. Continue to impact life with your passion. Continue to explore the world with your curiosity.

Shao Bin said...

Hi Xin Yu,

I love reading your biodata. It is so clear and concise.

I agree with you that travelling not only broadens one's horizons but also motivates one to develop a willingness to embrace differences in people and cultures, and be passionate about life, that is why i love travelling too. *I bet most of us love to travel*

I believe that your life is so enriching with your passionate in volunteering. Personally, i feel that volunteering does enrich one's life. Sometimes, helping those less fortunate people made us realize how lucky are we and most of us still cant feel contented and satisfied. *human nature*

Have great fun for your upcoming summer programme!

Joanna said...

Hi Xin Yu,

The fact that you have aspired to be a drug researcher is itself aspiring because I have known of a number of students in NUS that are still unsure about where they want to be upon graduation. And your research ambitions are also extremely noble.

Your hobbies and CCA have definitely widen your life perspective because I think that these activities have granted you opportunities to get in touch with many different types of people (different social background and different nationalities). These experience, I believe, will only make you a well-rounded person not only with academic capability but also empathetic. Being empathetic is a very important quality which not a lot of people can acquire and I feel that this tells a lot about your good interpersonal skills.

Xin Yu, I wish you well in your future endeavor and may you discover cures for many of the incurable disease that not only plagues Singapore but also the whole world.

r. said...

Hi Xinyu,

I like the part of your bio data when you talk about your interest in traveling and venturing out of your usual comfort zone. I would see this point as an important trait in a person that some companies look out for and you would have grasped their attention.

In addition, like i mentioned on Shao Bin's blog, having a volunteering spirit is also a valuable character for one to possess and adding it to your bio data further strengthens it.

Overall, I would say that you have a pretty impressive bio data, my only comment I would give is probably for you to include some work experiences, or any experiences related to drug research.