Friday, September 12, 2008

Project proposal

Proposed title: An analysis on NUS Science Faculty students’ opinions on introduction of E learning in NUS.

Research question: Will introduction of E-learning increase NUS Science Faculty students’ learning efficiency?

Hypothesis: Providing E learning will increase NUS Science Faculty students’ learning efficiency.

Problem statement: The objective of this study is to analyze if E learning provided by NUS will increase Science undergraduates learning efficiency.

Audience/ readers: NUS Science students who are interested in the introduction of E-learning, Vice Provost of NUS who is in charge of undergraduate studies and any other audience who is interested in investigation the feasibility of E-learning.

Tentative Purpose statement: Inform and convince the Vice Provost of NUS who is in charge of undergraduate studies about the feasibility of E learning. At the same time, to reflect on the science undergraduates’ sentiments about E learning.

Project methodology: We will be proposing the introduction of a week of E learning in the 13 weeks of NUS curiculum to test out the effectiveness of E learning in helping NUS Science students before revising the curiculum to decide whether more E learning will be introduced.

Survey methodology: We will be conducting a survey on a sample size of 120 students from various science departments like chemistry, life sciences, physics, pharmacy and mathematics. At the same time, we will be surveying 5 professors from each major. We will conduct a stratified random sample survey. We will do both an online survey and a distribution of surveys randomly in science so that we can find a stratified random sample of science students from all majors.

Please click here to do the survey for science students:

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